Safety Precautions to Remember When Using Mini Diggers

22 February 2017

Mini diggers or excavators are the ideal size and manoeuverability for small as well as large spaces. They can hoe the soil, dig trenches, create post holes, grind stumps, remove and move soil along with other tasks with the help of various attachments. On top of this, they are easy to control going in forward or reverse and there is less of a risk with them turning over in comparison to larger excavators. To use one of these in a non-dangerous manner, you need to remember the following safety precautions.

1. Understand How to Operate the Machine

Before you start up a mini excavator, be certain that you understand the correct operating procedures for the machine. On top of knowing how to start and stop the machine in the proper manner, you may need to change out attachments depending upon your project.

2. Call 1100 Before You Dig

Always call 1100 before you start to dig the soil here in Australia to discover whether or not any utilities are in the ground at your project area. When you fail to do this, you can be hit with steep fines and the cost of repairing the utilities if you damage them.

3. Clear the Area of Surface Rocks and Large Debris

Remove all surface rocks and large debris from the project area to prevent these elements from interfering with the correct operation of the machine or that the machine will not throw elements up in the air to hit a nearby building or worse yet, a person, animal or your body.

4. Ensure That There Are No Bystanders or Animals Nearby

Keep adults, children and animals out of your work zone. This prevents accidents and possible injuries from happening.

5. Wear Protective Gear

You should wear protective gear to safeguard your body when you operate a mini digger. Gear such as this includes steel-toe shoes or boots, a hard hat, goggles and dust masks, but you may need other safety gear besides these items depending upon your project.

6. Only Lift Safe Load Weights

Stay within the safe weight limits when you are transporting loads with the mini digger. The last problem that you need to have during this task is for the mini excavator to tip over. Ask the rental place what the limits are for your specific model of mini digger when they are explaining the other operating procedures of this machine.

For additional safety precautions, turn to Melbourne Mini Diggers. We rent mini excavators and will even include a professional operator with each rental.