Save Your Weedy Backyard with Overgrown Trees Using Mini Diggers

19 August 2016

When your backyard is full of weeds and overgrown trees, it is unattractive and may decrease the value of your property. For this reason, you need to take prompt action to remedy the situation. Mini diggers will offer the necessary power for rotary hoeing to loosen the weeds from the soil to remove them, for stump grinding if you decide to cut down the trees or for carrying off the branches that you prune from the trees in the event you decide to keep them. Within a short time, you will rejuvenate your backyard and return it to the ideal condition to preserve or maybe even increase your property value.

Benefits of Rotary Hoeing Your Yard with Mine Excavators

The rotary hoe attachment of the mini excavator loosens the soil at just the right depth to allow you to remove the weeds. Along with this, it will prepare the soil sufficiently for planting grass seed or laying sod. Hand hoeing is fine for a small section of the yard, but when you need to hoe the entire backyard, a mini excavator with this attachment is the effective way to complete this task.

A Bucket Attachment and Mini Excavator Transport Soil in an Efficient Way

Once you hoe the soil to loosen the weeds, you may need to transport the weedy soil over to your compost pile. With a mini digger and a bucket attachment, you will be able to perform this task in an efficient manner.

Stump Grinding Is a Breeze with These Compact Machines

Another task that these compact mini diggers are highly adept at performing is stump grinding in the event you cut a tree or two down. Not only will these machines fit in tight spaces effectively, but the action of the grinding attachment moves forward or back and forth to constantly throw the debris away from the machines. For this reason, stump grinding comes to completion in a timely, efficient way.

Hauling Off Pruned Branches Is a Simple Task for a Mini Excavator

A mini excavator also can haul off the branches that you prune from your overgrown trees, thanks to its leveler attachment. This attachment is flat and its nickname is the ‘carryall’ since it is durable enough to transport objects such as branches. Of course, it also is for levelling the soil for planting or other purposes.

To hire mini excavators and operators, contact Melbourne Mini Diggers. We will help you solve the issue of a weedy backyard with overgrown trees. Our operators are experts with these compact machines, and we guarantee satisfaction.