Small Access for Big Projects: How Compact Excavators Can Help Do the Job

25 February 2016

You may presume that the company’s large project requires the service of a massive, expensive excavator to prepare the soil, but this may be a wrong assumption. Compact excavators can handle numerous tasks as well, if not better, than their bigger counterparts can many times. For one thing, these mini diggers can comfortably fit into places where other machines cannot fit at all. Another reason these mini machines are so successful is that there are attachments that help the compact diggers perform their allotted tasks.

Mini Diggers Efficiently Dig Trenches

As trenchers in limited spaces, these excavators not only dig the right length and depth for the trench, but also shape it in the ideal manner to accept a utility installation. On top of this, the trenching attachment allows the mini diggers to backfill the trench once the installation is complete. When a professional operator controls the machine in the right manner, he or she will efficiently perform the task at hand and not leave until he or she backfills the trench correctly.

Stump Grinding Is Child’s Play for Mini Diggers

While even professionals consider stump grinding a major undertaking, it is child’s play for compact excavators. The attachment for this task moves from side to side and in a forward direction when necessary. These movements keep the debris away from the machine and the operator so that grinding moves along smoothly. One stump after another will disappear with the help of this mighty, mini digger and its stump-grinding attachment until the entire area is ready for the rest of your project. When the stumps are close to each other, a compact digger still can operate in the limited space.

Mini Excavators Move Soil Expeditiously

Even when a construction site requires you to move soil from one place to another, the mini diggers perform the job expeditiously and skillfully. Since these machines are compact in size, they can get right up to a side of a building to remove soil. Other sizes of excavators may have an issue with this. In addition, larger diggers may disturb areas that you need left alone just by moving to the allotted work area.

The above are just some of the big projects that compact excavators can handle even in an area of limited space. Consult with us the next time you need trenching, stump grinding, soil moving and other tasks that involve the skills of a mini digger and professional operator. Allow us to explain how skillfully we will perform the necessary task for you.