Soil Moving Projects: When Your Land Needs Scraping, Spreading, and Levelling

06 December 2016

Grading, scraping, spreading and levelling soil has always been laborious work, even after the invention of heavy earth moving equipment. And while heavy equipment is available for hire, such as backhoes, tractors, and compactors, these are often too expensive and too big to use on most residential soil moving projects.

Whether it is a home soil moving project, such as landscaping work, preparing the foundation for a new home extension, a new driveway, or levelling and spreading gravel, hiring a mini digger is an affordable and effective solution.

Get Help with Soil Moving Projects That Needs Scraping, Spreading, and Levelling

Scraping, clearing and levelling land of unwanted grass, weeds, thick brush, rocks, and tree stumps is hard work. Most small soil moving projects are still done using hand-held tools and equipment, the reasoning behind this is the belief that it is cheaper than hiring heavy equipment. Actually, the truth is that hiring a mini excavator for small soil moving projects can be cheaper than hiring a few people with hand tools, and, the work gets done faster.

At Melbourne Mini Diggers, we can help you with scrapping, spreading, and levelling soil for driveways, gardens and yards, using one of our mini excavators equipped with the needed attachment. For example, a leveling attachment or a rotary hoe can move, till, and spread soil as needed. In the process, if there is surplus dirt, we can remove it from the site, or, if your soil moving project needs additional soil, we can bring more into the site.

Mini excavators, also referred to as mini diggers, are compact, powerful and less cumbersome than large heavy equipment, with the ability to access hard to access areas, such as between buildings, or near other structures. Mini diggers can access confined spaces without having to remove fencing or walls, areas that large equipment just can’t go.

The need of each soil moving project is unique, instead of hiring different types of heavy equipment, a mini digger can save you money because these have various attachments that can accomplish the same work.

Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, we can meet the needs of your soil moving project, whether it is scraping, spreading, or levelling your land, we have mini excavators available to get the job done right.