Solve Soil Crusting Problems Using Dingo Rotary Hoes

20 May 2019

When it comes to dealing with soil-related problems, Melbourne Mini Diggers can be of assistance. When working with soil, there are numerous issues that you have to pay attention to. One prominent issue is known as soil crusting. Soil crusting is essentially a barrier that forms on top of your soil. This crusty barrier is comprised of compacted, brittle soil. This soil can become both loose and friable which can turn your next project into a serious headache. Additionally, soil crusting is problematic for the overall health of your lawn, even if you have no excavation plans in mind. With that being said, soil crusting is a problem that needs to address.

How to Solve Soil Crusting

While soil crusting doesn’t intrinsically sound like a huge problem, it can absolutely impact your yard in a negative way. Soil crusting actually can cause a domino effect of issues. Some of the most obvious problems related to soil crusting involve lack of oxygen diffusion, increased water erosion, and decreased soil temperatures. If you are aiming at having a healthy yard or field, soil crusting can be an issue. Fortunately, this is where our Dingo Rotary Hoes come into play. How do you use a rotary hoe to help you fix your soil crusting problems?

1) Identify The Issue – First, you are going to want to scout your yard for problematic soil crusting. Scout your fields in order to find a starting point. Once you’ve identified where you need to implement your rotary hoe, mark the field and come back to it later.

2) Use Your Rotary Hoe – Your Dingo rotary hoe sports a special double-edged blade. This blade can work into the soil at different speeds in order to accommodate your specific situation. You’ll manipulate the blades via hydraulic controls, thus allowing you the ultimate precision. Your rotary hoe will be able to handle a depth of up to 150 mm. This depth makes the Dingo line of rotary hoes ideal for preparing your fields.

3) Single Pass Efforts – Regular tillers will require you to take several passes over your crusted soil in order to deal with the issue. Fortunately, you can get attachments for your Dingo rotary hoe that cut up to a metre wide. These attachments will make sure that you can take care of your problem in a single go.

When dealing with soil crusting, you have to be proactive. Not only will your Dingo help you to fix your current problem, but you’ll also have the tools on hand to fix the issue should it ever arise again.