Stump Removal and Grinding Services: Get Rid of Unsightly Stumps and Maximise Your Space

24 March 2016

Unsightly stumps are what remain when trees are cut down for one reason or another and before the area is usable, you must remove the stumps. While you could undertake the backbreaking task of digging the stumps from the soil on your own, there is an easier way. Just hire professionals to perform stump removal and grinding services for you. Through this, you will save your body exertion and pain, and get rid of the unsightly stumps to maximise your usable space in an effective and a timely manner.

The Equipment That Professionals Utilise to Perform the Stump Grinding

Professionals turn to the Dingo mini diggers with a stump grinder attachment to grind and remove stumps from various properties. The manoeuverability of these diggers allows the operators to reach stumps in between trees or near a building with ease. In addition, the grinder attachment works from side to side at a 90-degree angle to the digger along with a forward motion away from the machine. These motions allow the debris to stay away from the digger at all times, and this helps the task proceed smoothly and without impediments.

The Process of Stump Removal and Grinding Services

Mini-digger operators start on the top surface of the stump and gradually continue through the entire portion that is above ground. They do not stop when they reach the roots, though, since the grinder will grind down to a depth of 600 mm or 2 feet. With a depth such as this, you can better utilise the available space once the task is complete.

The Final Results

Once the process is complete, you will not even have a hole in your property where the stump was at one time. The debris from the stump fills the hole. You can utilise the remainder for mulch or as an addition to your compost pile. If you wish to transform the area into a garden, all you need to do is mix the right amount of soil to the debris that fills the hole.

Hire only a professional company to perform stump removal and grinding services for you to ensure the best results. When you are in search of these services, turn to Melbourne Mini Diggers to receive quality results. We provide the mini digger, the stump grinder attachment and a professional operator for one convenient price. Contact us for a quote on your stump-removal needs. Our services also come with a guarantee of satisfaction.