The City of Ballarat’s Best Mini Digger and Excavation Contractor

13 November 2018

When your project calls for excavating in some manner in a limited space to work, there is no better piece of equipment than a mini digger to accomplish this task, as long as a skilled operator is controlling it. If you are in the city of Ballarat, you must rely on Melbourne Mini Diggers since we are the best mini digger and excavation contractor in the city. Our company provides a mini excavator or digger and a professional operator upon request to ensure that your digging or excavation needs are addressed in the ideal manner. Below, we provide you with a list of our specialties.

Excavation Services

Whether you need your property excavated for a road, driveway, foundation, basement or other purpose, our mini excavators can handle the job efficiently. Even in a spacious area, these machines can outperform their full-sized, larger cousins.

We Dig Quality Post Holes

Since we use the Dingo brand of mini diggers, we can perform post hole digging adeptly. The auger attachment can dig holes up to 600 millimetres in diameter and down to a depth of up to 2.2 metres. The reason that these mini excavators are so effective is that they use high hydraulic pressure to power the augers.

Trenching Is Another One of Our Specialties

Another one of our quality services is trenching for cable, electrical, telephone or plumbing lines, and other purposes. We will not only dig a trench for you with these efficient machines, but we also will backfill it for you once your part of the job is finished.

Our Company Moves Soil Efficiently 

You also can rely on us to move soil from one place to another to prepare your site for the next stage of your project. For soil moving, we excavate, transport the soil in a bucket attachment, spread it and level it before we depart your site.

Small Access Is Not an Issue for Our Mini Diggers and Operators

The mini diggers are so efficient in areas with small access that we have yet to find a situation that we cannot handle. In fact, there is no way the full-sized excavators can work in such small spaces.

Consult with us here at Melbourne Mini Diggers to learn further facts about us being the best mini digger and excavation contractor in the city of Ballarat. We will analyse your job specifications and preferences before we issue an accurate quote of our services. Also, all of our operators are highly skilled to ensure that each project that we work on comes to fruition in a safe, correct way.