The Efficiency of the Mini Excavator for Trenching

09 November 2015

Compact or mini excavators often are preferred over large excavators since they work better in small spaces. Excavator 1.8 Tonne is a perfect example of these excavators and it performs more efficiently than pedestrian trenchers do in every instance. The following information explains how efficient a mini excavator for trenching is for contractors and other people.

Compact Enough for Tight Places

Mini-excavators reach into areas where full-size excavators will not manoeuvre sufficiently to perform the desired trenching. Often times, a shallow depth is all that one requires to install pipes, cables or other items in the ground. The full-size excavators are ideal for deep depths or wide-open spaces, but not for narrow spaces and shallow depths.

Compact Excavators Will Not Damage the Pavement

Large excavators damage the ground under them, including any pavement in some cases. Compact excavators, though, are lightweight enough to prevent this damage from occurring to property. When contractors and other individuals rely on a mini excavator for trenching, they will not have to repair the damage, which can add extra cost to the project.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Compact excavators are highly manoeuvrable. They will provide offset digging with a minimum of tail swing. In addition, they offer a 360-degree turning radius that makes the job easier to complete with fewer issues. Improved traction is another reason that these machines are so manoeuvrable.

A Mini-Excavator Uses Less Fuel Than Large Excavators Use During Digging a Trench

Today, fuel conservation is a major concern for contractors and other individuals, and mini-excavators fit the bill in this department. They do not require as much fuel to perform as the full-size excavators do and therefore, are cheaper to use fuel wise. On top of this, less fuel consumption makes them the green choice.

Uncomplicated Controls

Compact excavators are extremely easy to control. Operators will not spend half their time adjusting the controls. As a result, the trenching job will come to completion faster than with the full-size versions of these machines.

Mini-Excavators Also Offer Backfilling, Scraping and Under-Road Features

Mini-excavators also provide backfilling, scraping, and under-road features on top of digging trenches. Once contractors or other individuals place pipes, cables or other items in their trench, the compact excavator will backfill the trench to cover the items in a thorough manner. In addition, with a quick addition of a different attachment, the operator can scrape and clean the trench’s bottom when necessary with the Crumble Bar or dig under paths, sidewalks and road with the Under Road Borer.

The efficiency of a mini excavator for trenching is ideal for tight spaces. At times, larger is too much when it comes to excavators. You may wish to take advantage of one of these compact excavators for your next trenching job.