The Growing Popularity of Mini Diggers in Excavating and Trenching Projects

17 October 2019

Over the years, mini diggers have become increasingly popular because of their versatility and their usefulness in construction projects. Mini Diggers can be equipped with different attachments wherein the two main attachments are for digging and demolition works. Other attachments include augers, buckets, compactor plates, compactions wheels, and rippers.

Being relatively small, mini diggers contribute a lot to both large and small construction projects. They can operate solely or as secondary back up for other large equipment like bulldozers and loaders. When operated by a licenced mini digger operator, mini diggers are safe to use and because of their compact size, they can be easily manoeuvred to fit inside tight spaces.

On Excavation and Trenching

Australia’s construction industries have achieved sustained growth and is foreseen to still continuously keep growing in the next few years, giving more opportunities for mini digger rental services to get more projects done. In line with this, excavation and trenching will also be common projects related to construction, both for commercial and domestic settings. But what really makes mini diggers popular in excavation and trenching projects?

Here are some of the reasons why:

Easy to Transport

Being small as they are, mini diggers make transport less of a hassle. They can easily be transported using a trailer or pickup bed. So, wherever the location of the excavation and trenching project will be, mini digger rental service companies will be able to transport their mini diggers easily.

Efficiency with Less Noise Pollution

Mini diggers consume less power which means that these machines are cheaper to run, more efficient, and they leave lesser carbon footprints. Since mini diggers are small, they also leave lesser damage to road surfaces. Additionally, mini diggers produce less noise as compared to other heavy equipment which is very essential to residential areas and neighbourhoods that prefer quiet surroundings.

Versatility and Multi-functionality

Mini diggers can be equipped with various attachments which makes them versatile and useful in many types of projects. Their size can fit inside small spaces and their relative strength is more than enough to excavate and dig trenches for drainage and utilities.

Melbourne Mini Diggers provide mini digger rental services for all trenching and excavation projects in Melbourne and Ballarat areas. Our mini diggers are well-maintained and our mini digger operators are fully licenced as required by Australian Health and Safety Standards.