The Importance of Stump Grinder Safety

07 February 2017

A stump grinding attachment on a mini-excavator will turn a stump into sawdust in just a short time. When operating this piece of machinery, it is imperative to practice the proper stump grinder safety measures to ensure that the project comes to completion in desirable manner with no unwanted issues. We list the reasons for these measures in the following facts for your convenience.

1. Safeguards Utilities

Part of the correct safety measures when operating this grinding attachment is to call 1100 during normal business hours prior to grinding the stump to discover where the utilities are located on the property. If you fail to do this, you will incur a fine and possibly the cost of repairs for the damage that you cause to pipes, electrical lines or other utilities. Remember that stump grinding does not just stay above ground level when you perform in a thorough manner.

2. Protects Surrounding Area

You can protect the surrounding area with the right preparation and safety measures. In certain cases, you may need a temporary barrier around the stump area to keep the debris from damage delicate flowers or other items nearby. On top of this, since the mini-excavator is lightweight, it will not tear up the surrounding lawn when the driver operates the machine with the grinding attachment in a safe manner.

3. Keeps the Machine From Throwing Rocks or Other Debris

The operator should always survey the stump and surrounding area prior to beginning the task of grinding to ensure that there are no rocks, branches or other debris that can fly through the air if the grinder grabs them.

4. Prevents Injuries

Using the correct stump grinder safety measures also prevents injuries to people on the property or passing by the area. The operator should never allow people to stand too near to the machinery during the grinding. Flying particles can harm eyes and various other body parts. Even the operator needs to wear protective gear.

5. Adhering to Safety Measures Prevents Legal Issues

Another important fact about using the right safety precautions with a stump grinder is that you will prevent legal issues from occurring. If you injure other people or their property with your actions, they can sue you in a court of law. This may result in an expensive fine along with court costs.

Rely on Melbourne Mini Diggers for stump removal, and we will send you a professional operator with our equipment who understands the importance of practicing proper stump grinder safety methods. We guarantee a quality job with no unwarranted issues.