The Power of Mini Diggers for Post Hole Digging and Foundations

14 July 2016

Numerous traits gift mini diggers with true Swiss army knife versatility. A compact digger isn’t troubled by recklessly discarded building materials, for example, due to its “turn-on-a-penny” steering feature, but we’re here to discuss post hole digging, not an accomplished aptitude for turning, so let’s get on with it by discussing mini diggers for post hole digging and foundations. That’s something of a mouthful, but it’s one that needs coverage. Remember, without foundations, a building cannot stand.

Featherweight Fathomer of Foundations

The digging of post holes and other foundation assets is a tricky business, one made all the more precarious by the use of heavy plant equipment. Soil shifts under the weight of heavier vehicles, but a mini digger can go about its business without disturbing the ground. Once in position, the lightweight machine digs in and precisely strips away the soil until the foundations are sharply indented according to the architectural drawings.

Announcing Attachment Adaptability

Steel plates and rubberized tracks deliver even greater versatility when soft soil is an issue, which is a level of adaptability that’s mirrored by the attachments. Mini diggers for post hole digging and foundations work accesses this versatility feature by using a 4-in-1 bucket attachment to carve out conventional trenches, but that attachment can quickly be swapped out for a dedicated post hole digging tool, an auger attachment that works perpendicularly to the ground. The holes are then dug at a 90° angle while the low-profile digger body swings through its 360° coverage span to deposit soil wastage.

Rejecting Restrained Routing

Mini diggers are the tool of choice when foundation work is the chore of the day. Imagine segments of rebar and poured concrete in this scenario. The compact digger excavates one metre deep trenches and follows up this impressive task with a series of evenly spaced post holes. None of the foundation work is disturbed. Cables can be routed thanks to this sequential digging tactic. Then, after a quick lunch break, the digger crops up on the site again, though this time it’s armed with a backhoe, an attachment tool that targets the footings of the foundation dig.

Finally, when all of the lower level ground features are in place, mini diggers for post hole digging and foundations work can add accents. The accents are the tree holes added by the auger, as one example. But, not to be outdone, the 4-in-one bucket bolts back on to dig drainage trenches and protect the ground work from water ingress.