The Process of Soil and Earth Moving: Why DIY without Mini Diggers Can Be Impossible?

31 January 2019

At some point in time, you may need to move a LOT of soil around your property. Whether you are digging out a new basement or working to install your own sewer trench, you are going to need to engage in some serious excavation. While we admire the DIY spirit, engaging in excavation practices on your own and without the assistance of the right products can be more than reckless, it can be dangerous. Today, we are going to be talking about the process of moving major quantities of soil on your own while focusing on the importance of Mini Diggers.

DIY Excavation without Mini Diggers: Realistic? 

First and foremost, we should probably talk about the role that Mini Diggers, or Mini Excavators, play in the soil moving process. Mini Diggers are small machines that a single person can operate by hand. These machines are used to dig out holes in the earth one basket full at a time. With a ton of power behind them, Mini Diggers can turn any soil moving project into an easy gig. With that being said, people with the DIY spirit might feel compelled to go about the process WITHOUT Mini Diggers to help them out. Unfortunately, DIY soil excavation just isn’t that realistic without the assistance of a Mini Digger, and here is why.

1) Mini Diggers Are Highly Efficient – If you are going to work on a soil excavation project, you probably want to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. After all, the longer you have a massive hole sitting in your front yard, the more annoyed your neighbours will be. While you can go out there with a shovel and some elbow grease to start digging a hole, a Mini Digger will outstrip your days’ worth of progress in mere minutes.

2) Mini Diggers Are Affordable
– One of the primary reasons that DIY enthusiasts decide to avoid industry standard equipment is due to cost. However, Mini Diggers are far more affordable than many other similar power tools and powered machines. Mini Diggers are cheap enough to rent and efficient enough at their job that you’ll likely end up losing money if you were to try and do your earth moving by hand, without the aid of an excavating tool.

3) Mini Diggers Are Safe– Finally, a Mini Excavator is an easy machine to use and a safe one to operate, provided you are trained on how to work with the tool. Mini Diggers are far safer for your personal health than spending hours hauling dirt by hand and bucket.

Mini Diggers can make a major difference in your next earth-moving project. Contact us here at Melbourne Mini Diggers in order to discuss what you need for your next project