The Process of Soil Moving and Excavation using MIni Diggers: Why Health and Safety is a Must

28 July 2017

Every soil moving and excavation project is unique, as the composition of the earth varies from location to location, as does the structures around where work to be conducted. While heavy excavation equipment is traditionally used on large areas of land and on many construction sites, to move soil, dig trenches, and for leveling the land, these are too big for use on most residential projects, or in areas where larger excavators cannot access.

One things that large excavators and mini excavators have in common, in regards to the process of soil moving and excavation work is health and safety concerns.

Importance of Health and Safety When Soil Moving and Excavation Using Mini Diggers

Any work that requires the moving of soil, whether it is digging fence posts, digging large holes and trenches, or leveling land, making sure that there are no underground services where work is to be done is top priority. This is the first step in the process of any earth moving work, as unintentional damages to underground services not only endangers workers, but can cause much damage to underground piping or wiring that could undermine nearby structure utilities.

With that said, it is highly advised to have experienced operators when hiring mini diggers for residential soil moving and excavation projects, to avoid damaging underground services. Excavation failures can be extremely dangerous, that is because they can occur quickly and could potentially harm, maim, or even result in death

Another aspect of health and safety involves the knowledge of working around and in large holes with heavy machinery, and the ability to detect the risk of excavation collapse, which could crush and bury a person.

Planning Excavation with Safety in Mind

At Melbourne Mini Diggers, our expert operators know how to plan soil moving and excavation work so that all jobs are conducted safely, without the risk of harming people or underground services. Whether excavation work is planned on construction sites, business premises, public areas, or residential properties, working around open excavations, such as trenches, pits, and in the construction of retaining walls, requires experienced mini digger operators, for the sake of safety.

The process of making an excavation project safe starts with experienced operators checking the excavation site daily, before starting work, and again after work is finished. This is done to determine if any underground services are in the area, or if the stability of the soil has changed, and to prevent people or materials from falling into open cavities.

If you have a soil moving and excavation project, and you want to make sure it is done safely, then hire a mini digger from Melbourne Mini Diggers. All of our mini diggers for hire come with experienced and highly trained operators, please, feel free to contact us any time about our rates and the availability of our mini excavators.