The Versatile Uses of a Mini Excavator for Pond and Play Pool Digging

11 March 2021

Tons of construction equipment has been produced to effectively provide project managers with a wide array of choices when it comes to specific activities. One of the construction equipment pieces that they can maximise is the mini excavators.

Mini excavators are the miniature version of heavy-duty excavators that are still capable of performing excavating works and other related activities. What makes these machineries better than their larger counterpart is brought by their form factor, manoeuvrability, versatility, and many more. As a matter of fact, many projects utilise these machineries due to the aforementioned qualities.

One type of project that utilises mini excavators is the pond and play pool digging. This specific project is normally conducted outside home properties, allowing families to maximise their outdoor living spaces.

Useful Components of Mini Excavators

Mini excavators have parts and components that make them very useful for pond and play pool digging. Some of these components are the following.

  • Standard Buckets: Mini excavators usually use standard buckets to carry out excavation works as well as remove debris or dirt from the hole. Most of the buckets used by these machines have three to nine teeth to effectively dig the ground. They likewise come in sizes of around 12 to 24 inches, ensuring that every part of the ground will be covered optimally. These sizes can also fulfil the needed removal of waste from the hole before proceeding with the pond or pool construction.
  • Small Counterweight: What is great about mini excavators is that they can easily move around small spaces. Since most outdoor living spaces only cover small area, opting for mini excavators can truly be a wise choice thanks to their small form factor. The reduced or zero tail swing of the mini excavator due to the smaller counterweight can likewise help it dig a pond or play pool conveniently.
  • Boom: Mini excavators may have different boom configurations for different purposes. Luckily for pond and play pool digging, a mini excavator that has long booms can effectively reach farther and obtain higher dump height. Obtaining this type of mini excavator allows operators to reduce downtimes by repositioning the excavator repeatedly and continue working on the project.
  • Rubber Tracks: Another component of mini excavators that are deemed useful for digging a pond and play pool is its rubber tracks. The rubber tracks of these excavators allow them to move around the site easily without worrying too much about their performance. The only time the rubber tracks must be replaced is if they have already obtained wear and tear on their tread and exteriors.

Choosing the Right Mini Excavators

When choosing the right mini excavator for the pond and play pool digging, one must consider first the depth of the added feature. A pond or a pool that has a maximum depth of 5 feet can effectively utilise excavators that weigh around 2,000 pounds. An added feature that has a minimum depth of 10 feet, alternatively, must use a mini excavator that weighs around 9,500 pounds.

If you need help in obtaining the correct mini excavator for your pond or play pool addition, then do not hesitate to call us at Melbourne Mini Diggers.