The Versatility and Benefits of Using the Dingo Stump Grinder

16 July 2015

Trees blow down, fall down, or are taken down. And that’s the easy part. What remains is a stump. The choice is to rent a portable grinder and spend the afternoon learning how to operate and grind away at the stump. A more effective, efficient, and less stressful solution is to contact us, Melbourne Mini Diggers. We trench, excavate, dig holes, and in this instance, most importantly, we grind. Our expert staff and operators work with builders, landscapers, and the weekend project manager to grind the stump down to or below grade.

Dingo Stump Grinder – Specifications

Melbourne Mini Diggers depends on its equipment to do the job quickly, properly, and safely. The Dingo Mimi Loader Stump Grinder (Dingo Australia) is designed for power, as well as for the operator’s comfort and safety.

The grinder’s dimensions are 700mm wide (transport width) by 650mm high (overall height). Its approximate weight is 110kg.

The grind wheel is 434mm in diameter (including tungsten tipped cutting teeth) and rotates at a maximum speed of 3000RPM. The stump grinder is effective in restrictive or confined spaces and has a maximum cutting depth of 600mm (2 ft.) below grade. The hydraulic flow is 40-47 l/min.

Benefits of the Dingo Stump Grinder

The Dingo Mini Loader Stump Grinder flaunts its versatility, design, and operation.

This stump grinding machine operates differently than its comparable stump grinding counterparts. The Dingo Stump Grinder features an operational movement unlike other stump grinders. While the wheels of other grinding equipment tend to operate in a wave motion from a pivot point between the cutter / teeth and the operator, the Dingo Stump Grinder steadily hovers over the stump, and moves back and forth, side to side, which allows the operator to situate him / herself at a 90 degree angle to the stump grinder. The stump grinder’s direction of movement is also 90 degrees from the operator. This type of operation allows the Dingo Stump Grinder to safely discharge the grindings away from the operator.

The Dingo Stump Grinder may also be quickly reconfigured to discharge grindings left, right, or forward. As a result, the Dingo grinder can easily accommodate restrictive work areas and get in to tight corners. Dingo’s compact stump grinders go where others cannot.

For safe, efficient, easily transportable, and reliable stump grinding equipment, be sure its Dingo Australia equipment. Don’t settle for imitations or substitutes.

Melbourne Mini Diggers works hard for you. We are on time, on point, and on the job stump grinding, trenching, or pulverizing with Dingo Australia equipment. Dingo Australia equipment does the job right the first time. For more information, call: 0439 734 991. All of our services are satisfaction guaranteed.