Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Excavator Attachments

27 July 2021

Construction and other similar industries have been maximising mini diggers due to their associated benefits. One of the benefits of mini diggers is that they are compact. The compactness of mini diggers allows them to move freely on any project site. They can even fit in small access areas that cannot be reached by heavy-duty diggers. Another benefit of mini diggers is that they are powerful. Despite their small size, mini diggers are still equipped with components that enable them to work optimally.

Accompanying the mini diggers’ capability to generate excellent operations is their versatility. Through a wide array of attachments, mini diggers can easily carry out processes and operations that initially rely on a different set of equipment pieces. Mini diggers eliminate the need to hire or purchase additional equipment pieces and devices just to carry out different activities on a project site.

But for the mini diggers to be truly effective in carrying different operations, they must be paired with the right set of attachments. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing them.

Know Your Mini Digger

Not all mini diggers are made the same, which is why you must find some time and effort to know your mini digger. Your mini digger has some specifications and features that may be significant in choosing and matching the right set of attachments. Some specifications of your mini digger that you should know are its machine model number, overall configuration, lift or weight capacities, tipping load, and counterweight size. You must likewise know the features of its engines, tires, and others. Most of these elements can be gathered from the mini digger’s supplier or manufacturer.

Match the Configuration

And just like mini diggers, the attachments available for these machines also do not boast similar specifications and features. Some attachments may work with mini diggers, while others cannot do the same thing. Direct drive or planetary drive attachments can be used with standard hydraulic machines. Alternative, high-flow planetary drive attachments are great for high-flow hydraulic machines. When matching the configuration of your attachment to the mini digger, you may likewise explore the mini digger’s flow specifications for the hydraulic circuit.

Utilise the Quick Coupler

When choosing the best attachment for your mini digger, you must also consider the type of coupler your mini digger has. If your quick coupler can easily carry out one task to the other, then you can maximise different types of compatible attachments without any issues. An efficient quick coupler allows you to switch the attachment of your mini digger in just a few seconds, all without leaving the cab or doing additional tasks that would only consume a lot of time and energy. The convenience of the quick coupler can ensure that projects can be done in a short time.

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