Things to Remember When Hiring a Mini Digger

15 January 2018

When you are excavating a property, it is important to hire the right piece of equipment for the task at hand. A Dingo mini digger or excavator is just as effective, if not more so, than larger pieces of excavation equipment are for many types of situations. To ensure that you receive the right mini excavator for your particular task, you must consider the following things.

Type of Excavation

Understand that type of excavation is necessary for your project. The mini diggers are ideal for the following tasks:

  • Trenching
  • Rotary Hoeing
  • Post Stump Holes
  • Stump Grinding
  • Soil Moving
  • Small Access Jobs

What Kind of Attachment Is Necessary

Along with the basic mini digger, you will need the right attachment to accomplish your project. The trencher attachment will dig the hole and then reverse to cover over the trench once you install the cables, pipes or other necessary items in the trench. For the garden or other landscape project, the rotary hoe attachment breaks up the soil to obtain the ideal texture for planting and seeding. Auger attachments for the diggers come in different sizes to dig post stump holes to the exact dimensions of your fence or other posts. With the stump grinder for this digger, the operator will be able to grind right, left and forward, and these actions ensure that the machine will throw the debris away from the digger at all times.

Dingo mini excavators also dig, carry and move the soil from place to place, or spread and level the soil to prepare the area for construction, landscaping or other projects. Often all these functions are necessary on the same project as far as soil moving is concerned. In addition, these diggers will fit in tight places where larger machines will not fit to perform all of the above tasks.

A Professional Should Come with the Digger Rental

On top of the other considerations here, you should make certain that you receive a professional operator with each mini excavator you rent. An experienced operator will finish the task in half the time that you can regardless of the size of your project. He or she also will understand which attachments are necessary to perform the task in the best possible manner in case you overlook this step.

Contact our company the next time you require a mini digger to prepare soil correctly. We provide a mini excavator, the right attachment and a qualified operator along with a guarantee of satisfaction.