Trenching Project Failures When You Hire Badly Maintained Mini Diggers

13 July 2018

Any time you are working with machinery safety is always top priority, especially when digging trenches. Trenching and excavation safety should never be compromised, not only are there many aspects to take into consideration involving soil composition and shoring issues, but more importantly, the quality and condition of the machinery and equipment being used.

It is well-known that for most trench projects conducted in and around residential and commercial projects within urban areas, the use of mini diggers is preferred over larger excavators, for many reasons. Mainly, mini diggers are small enough to work effectively in very small spaces, they are more economically feasible to hire, they can accomplish the same feats as larger machinery, and they are also safer to operate. If they are maintained in good condition.

One of the main advantages of hiring mini diggers for trench work is that they are lightweight enough to navigate around the work area without disturbing the soil, even while excavation is underway. Also, they are able to work close to the edge of holes and trenches when manoeuvred by an experienced operator and when the mini diggers are functioning properly.

It is paramount that machinery such as mini diggers are kept it good running condition, as the operators and labourers depend on these to functioning properly when working around them, otherwise, faith in these can quickly spell trouble when there is a mechanical breakdown. Regular maintenance should absolutely be top priority for any company that have mini diggers for hire, to not only preserve the useful life of the machinery, but more importantly for safety’s sake.

Hiring Badly Maintained Mini Diggers can Lead to Trenching Project Failures

Mini diggers that do not function correctly because of ill-maintenance can lead to trenching project failures, such as trench walls can collapse, and cables, pipes and other utilities can become damaged. Because of this, it is recommended that builders, contractors, and property owners should inquire about the maintenance practices of the company that they will hire mini diggers from.

To best avoid any potential problems from badly maintained mini diggers that could lead to trenching project failures, it is highly advised to hire mini diggers from a reputable company, just like Melbourne Mini Diggers.

Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, we have the practice of making sure that all of our mini diggers for hire are kept in the best condition possible. This includes making sure that gear oil is check at least once every 100 hours and changed frequently as needed, and that the excavators’ pins and bushings are greased before every job, and that the hydraulic fluid is changed between 2,000 – 4,000 hours.

If you need to hire mini diggers that you can count on for a trenching project, then contact us here at Melbourne Mini Diggers.