Using Mini Diggers for Rubbish Removal and Clean Up

29 January 2016

Property must be free from debris and other items in most cases for it to be usable for your intended purposes. Sadly, most property contains some type of rubbish, garden waste, leaves or other type of debris that you need to remove before you can proceed with developing it in the desirable manner. Luckily, mini diggers are ideal for rubbish removal and clean up along with their other uses.

Types of Rubbish That Mini Excavators Can Handle

Mini excavators are strong enough to move all sorts of rubbish from your property, including:

  • Small branches
  • Garden waste
  • Grass clippings
  • Excess soil
  • Fallen leaves
  • Trash items such as old bottles, newspapers and cups
  • Piles of rocks from excavating the soil
  • Certain vehicles and trailers
  • Debris from coal spills, wash plants and the buildup next to bulk silos
  • Bark chips left under the de-barker at a sawmill
  • Many other types of debris

The Attachments for Mini Diggers That Are Useful for the Removal of Rubbish

The reason mini diggers are ideal for rubbish removal and clean-up is the fact that there are a number of attachments for them, and the attachments enable these machines to fulfil all types of tasks. Learn about these attachments in the following information:

  • The towbar/ball attachment can tow items such as trailers, caravans and certain old vehicles from your property. This attachment will effectively move a variety of weight levels of items even when they are over two tonnes.
  • A jib can lift and move heavy posts, engines, root balls and other items.
  • Bucket attachments come in a variety of widths ranging from 760 mm up to 1200 mm depending upon your needs. The buckets are ideal for removing piles of rocks, excess soil and even small branches along with other items.
  • The debris puller can venture into places such as kilns, sawmills, scaffolding and conveyors to remove debris to accelerate the clean-up process.

Hire the Right Company to Provide the Mini Excavators and Professional Operators

You should hire the right company to supply you with a mini excavator and professional operator to perform rubbish removal and clean-up of other items on your property. The company should provide quality mini excavators and well-trained operators for a single charge. It needs to be part of their normal services. In addition, the company must offer a guarantee of satisfaction. With this guarantee, if anything is not to your liking, the company will send out a professional to correct the issue.