Using Mini Diggers for Septic Tank and Well Excavation in Ballarat Area

15 January 2019

Before you can install a septic tank or a well in the Ballarat area, you will need to excavate the ground to create just the right size of hole. For this, you should select the mini digger or excavator in place of a full-size excavator for numerous reasons to ensure that the task comes to completion in an efficient and a safe manner. In the following, we elaborate on why we make this statement.

Mini Diggers Dig Deep Enough for a Well or Septic Tank

These mighty mini excavators can reach depths 1.5 metres, 2.2 metres and 3.0 metres with the help of various attachments. These depths are more than adequate for either wells or septic tanks. Also, the width of the holes is adjustable to your specifications.

Mini Excavators Can Manoeuvre Effective in Tight or Limited Spaces

Another reason that mini diggers are ideal of septic tank and well excavation in the Ballarat area of Australia is the fact that they can manoeuvre easily and effectively in limited or tight spaces. Full-size excavators cannot perform in areas such as these with the same proficiency.

Holes Are Easily Backfilled with the Mini Diggers

You also can backfill the septic tank or well hole when necessary with the mini diggers instead of the need of additional machinery. The ground will be level and ready for landscaping or other purposes once the well or septic tank comes to completion.

Mini Excavators Will Not Damage the Surrounding Landscape Features

Mini diggers also are perfect for well and septic tank excavations because they do not damage the surrounding landscape. They are lightweight enough to traverse over grass without overly disturbing it. As a result, you will not need to make repairs once these diggers perform their functions.

Mini Diggers Are Cost-Effective

In comparison to full-size excavators, mini diggers are the more cost-effective approach for excavating well and septic tank sites. Since they are smaller in size and are less expensive to operate, they also are less expensive to lease for your project. This is especially beneficial when you are on a limited budget.

To learn additional facts about using mini diggers for septic tank and well excavation in the Ballarat area, consult with Melbourne Mini Diggers. We specialise in many types of projects, including excavation, trenching, post holes, soil moving and more. Along with the mini diggers, our clients receive expert operators to ensure that each project comes to completion without a problem. Upon request, we will provide with a quote for our services as they pertain to your specific project requirements.