Various Projects That Require Compact Excavators

16 June 2016

Compact excavators are commonly seen around Melbourne, these are used in all types of situations that require earth moving work and heavy lifting. Basically, small excavators make construction projects easier because these replace human labour and are able to do more work, especially in the hands of an expert operator.

So, what projects require a compact excavator? That is a good question because many property owners and managers could use them for their own projects, but don’t know that these are available for hire.

Projects That Need Compact Excavators

A compact excavator can do a lot of things, as there are many different attachments that can be outfitted onto it that allow it to dig earth or demolish structures. Although, they are smaller versions of large excavators, they can be dangerous if not operated by a trained driver. Generally, these are used in small or medium-sized projects that require heavy equipment in small spaces, or that requires lifting or digging that would take too long for humans to do with hand tools.

There are basically two types of accessories or attachment tools available, one type for digging and the other for demolition work. There are variations of each of each type, but the right one to use depends on the job at hand.

To help give you an idea of the types of projects that require compact excavators, here is a list below:

  • Digging Trenches
  • Digging Post Holes
  • Demolishing Small Structures
  • Stump Removal
  • Flattening Landscape
  • Digging Ponds and Pools
  • Plowing
  • Creating Irrigation Ditches
  • General Digging
  • Repairing and Replacing Sewer Pipes

As you can see, there are many uses for a compact excavator that trades people such as electricians, plumbers, builders, landscapers, and even property managers and owners could benefit from. Actually, the biggest benefit from using a mini excavator is that risk of injury is greatly reduced, as the machine accomplishes all the laborious work a person would have otherwise done.

Although mini excavators have many advantages and are easy to drive, it is always advised to hire an experienced mini excavator operator for any project, to limit risk of personal injury and damage to property.

Here at Melbourne Mini Diggers, you can expect to hire expert excavator operators that will not only perform superior work, but they will show up on time and leave the working area clean and organised at the end of each day’s work. For information about our rates and the availability of our mini excavators, please contact us today.