What Attributes to the Strength of Mini Augers for Post Hole Digging?

27 July 2018

When it comes to post hole digging in commercial or residential areas, especially urban areas where there is minimal space for machinery to navigate, builders, contractors and landscaping companies prefer to hire mini augers. There are many reasons why Dingo mini diggers with an auger attachment are in such high demand, not only are they able to operate in small spaces, and are much cheaper to hire than larger machinery, but mainly because mini augers are very strong.

In fact, mini augers are perfect for fence preparation, and for stump and post hole drilling project because they are just as strong as much larger machinery, but small in size and easy to transport. Because mini augers are so strong and efficient in digging post holes, it is no wonder why people are curious how they generate so much power?

The Strength Behind Mini Augers for Post Hole Digging

The attributes behind the strength of mini augers for post hole digging is that they are basically designed to function the same as their much larger counter parts. Just like large earth moving machinery, mini diggers utilise hydraulics in everything they do. All of their functions are controlled through hydraulics which do not use cumbersome gears, levers, and pulleys.

The hydraulic system of mini augers allows the multiplication of force to be applied simply and efficiently. This makes the auger easy to start, stop, speed up, or slow down with precision and accuracy, from a fraction of a pound, to several tons or more of output with constant torque or force. And, with few moving parts, the powerful hydraulic systems of mini augers are simple to maintain and will not breakdown as easily as mechanical systems.

Because they are incredibly strong, mini augers make post hole digging easy and affordable, especially when operated by an experienced mini digger driver.

Melbourne Mini Diggers Post Hole Digging Services

If your plans include the need to install fencing, decking, piers, or other required hole drilling work, Melbourne Mini Diggers can get the job done right, the first time. Our highly trained mini auger operators are experts in post hole drilling, and they know how to precisely prepare areas where hole drilling work needs to be done.

Because our main objective here at Melbourne Mini Diggers is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, when hired for post hole drilling work, our experienced operators will make sure that all work is accomplished to meet your precise specifications.