What Can Different Attachments Do to Mini Diggers

14 February 2020

Mini diggers have been around for a long time now, and that construction firms are now switching to mini diggers whenever they have construction projects. Unlike heavy-duty diggers or excavators, mini diggers can handle not just only the excavation tasks in tight spaces but also the handling and lifting of materials.

What makes mini diggers special is their versatility. Mini diggers have special components that make them flexible in any tasks given to them. They can be connected with different types of attachment so that they can do whatever task is given to them. They are also powered by a hydraulic system that is powerful enough to handle excavation, digging, and other construction functionalities.

To know more, here are some tasks that mini diggers can handle together with their corresponding attachments.


One of the key functions of mini diggers is digging or excavation. With the help of digging attachments, mini diggers can dig depths of around 10 feet. The digging depth of mini diggers is more than enough for properties that require repairs of sewer line, pool installation, digging of holes, and many more.

Some attachments that can be used for digging are augers, buckets, and rippers.

  • Augers: Augers can drill different shapes and sizes of holes for installing fence posts, poles, and others. They usually have different speed and torque options so that they can work with a variety of soil types.
  • Hammers: If you are digging the toughest surfaces on site, then hammers can certainly crack through them. Hammers are made to dig through hard materials such as rocks and concrete that can increase efficiency to the excavating works.
  • Rippers: Rippers are designed to cut through dense dirt, loosen rocky soil, and any unexpected rocky patches. Moreover, they can also cut through frozen dirt and any other challenging ground conditions.

Material Handling

Another key feature of mini diggers is the handling of materials. Once you are done with excavation works, you may have to transfer all debris, rocks, and soil to another place so that the construction or installation can push through. The good thing about mini diggers is that they can also transfer the materials from one place to another, eliminating the need to call for additional equipment.

  • Buckets: These attachments don’t just only move material across the site, but they can also dig and load materials for faster construction works. They come in different dimensions and capacities so that they can work with any kind of excavation sites.
  • Thumbs: Thumbs are an additional accessory to buckets so that you can seamlessly transition from digging to material handling. Your mini digger can easily grasp and hold the items with these thumbs and move them to another area. After all, thumbs can be used to flawlessly grab, pick, and sort material on the site.


What if you need to lift some new materials from one place to another? Fortunately, mini diggers can also do the tasks that are normally done by cranes or forklifts. Through reading the load chart of the mini digger, you can then attach some items to your bucket and transport them with ease.

With these attachments, your mini digger can be as functional as having a lot of different equipment on your construction site. To know more about mini diggers, you can ask us everything at Melbourne Mini Diggers.