What is Post Hole Digging?

25 September 2015

Post hole digging is typically done with a post hole digger. A post hole digger is a device used to dig holes in the earth to install posts, such as for fences, bollard posts, signs and decks. There are a wide variety of post hole diggers that vary in design and efficiency. One of the oldest types is the manual post hole digger. These types are the least expensive and ideal for small jobs where the ground has minimal rocks. However, they involve a great deal of back breaking work, especially if the ground is hard as with clay soil. Also, manual post hole diggers are not efficient in sandy or dry soil. This is because the clamping action of the device does not grab loose materials effectively. But if you have the perfect soil and only need a small hole no deeper than 4 feet, the manual post hole digger should do the trick.

Auger Type Post Hole Diggers

If you have a bigger job such as a fence or deck then you should consider using an auger type post hole digger. For the most part, they are easier to use and can dig a much deeper hole even in hard or rocky ground. As well, the hole has a well-defined circumference that fits the posts nicely. Generally, the hole will be the same diameter as the auger’s screw.

For precision, ease of use and maneuverability then the Dingo post hole digging is a must for both small and large projects. The device can dig holes up to 600mm (24 inches) in diameter and a depth of 2.2 metres (7.22 feet). And to top it off, the Dingo is a small machine that supports large augers. The reason why the Dingo can handle large augers is because of their hydraulics. In fact, it has a higher hydraulic pressure than many large devices. And it is this extra pressure that provides more drive torque to the augers.


The Dingo is a powerful device that is easily utilized for post hole digging. It can be used for both commercial and residential projects. What is more, the compact device is small and can fit into hard to reach places. In addition, the Dingo can save you valuable time and expenses when building a fence or deck for the home or office.

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