When is the Perfect Time to Hire a Mini Digger?

29 September 2020

Diggers or excavators mostly vary on their size, digging capabilities or limitations, components, and many more. These variations make some types of them to be extremely useful for a given application. Without choosing the correct type of digger, it would be difficult for a contractor to get the job done. Problems and issues might even occur with the wrong type of digger or excavator.

One type of excavator that is now utilised in a lot of applications is the mini digger. While the name certainly implies that this type of digger is only intended for small site works, a mini digger could actually do a lot more than what one may expect from it.

Benefits of a Mini Digger

Just like any digger or excavator, a mini digger boasts tons of benefits and advantages that can be helpful and useful in different applications. For one, a mini digger can be agile, allowing it to move quickly in spaces that are too tight for its larger counterparts. Its manoeuvrability allows the mini digger to operate and excavate the ground within small access areas or interior locations. The agility of a mini digger can also be reflected by how easy it can be transported from one place to another.

Another great thing about a mini digger is that it is more energy-efficient and cost-effective. A mini digger uses much less power compared to huge excavators, which can heavily translate to lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. The cheaper price of hiring or even purchasing one makes the mini digger a more solid choice for certain applications, given that this type of digger can carry out excavations through the help of different attachments.

The small form factor of a mini digger can also be beneficial for sites that want to minimise property damages and injuries. Additionally, a mini digger can produce less noise pollution than most heavy-duty equipment, making it great for excavation jobs in residential areas.

Mini Digger Applications

So, when would be the best time to hire a mini digger? With all the benefits of some properties of the mini digger above, one might immediately assume that it can truly do almost all the functions of a heavy-duty excavator. Truthfully, a mini digger can easily accomplish any excavation task at any given time and place despite its small size and form factor. It can still produce high-quality performance even if it weighs around 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes.

A mini digger is great for a lot of construction works, especially if it involves works in the backyard. Construction activities such as digging, trenching, and demolishing can all be done by a mini digger with ease. A mini digger can effectively dig holes, irrigation ditches, foundations, and ponds for different properties. Demolition of small structures, concrete, sheds, steel, and asphalt can likewise be done by a mini digger. A mini digger can also perform drilling, backfilling, and snow ploughing works.

Other instances where one should hire a mini digger include the repairs of sewer lines, flattening of landscapes, removal of tree stumps, installation of a pool or a hot tub, and the creation of utility and drainage trenches.