Why Is It Better to Hire for Stump Grinding Services than a DIY Job in Removing a Tree Stump?

08 October 2015

When you remove a tree, the stump still needs to be dealt with. Often, a DIY project may seem the most sensible and economical option. However, removing it yourself may cause various issues that may cost you more heartache in the long run.

There are five main reasons why hiring stump grinding services is the preferred choice of stump removal.

A Healthier Yard

Manually removing a stump can leave areas that are ideal breeding grounds for insects and pests. These same pests can migrate to the rest of your landscape or garden. As well, using chemicals to remove the stump is not the healthiest choice. The chemicals can destroy plant life in the surrounding area and contaminate the water supply.

Stump grinding services are a healthier and Eco friendly solution to removing stumps. Not only does professional removal of the stump prevent nesting of mice and ants but it saves you from calling an exterminator to get rid of migrating pests.

Reduces Impact on the Landscape

When you remove a stump yourself, the likelihood of leaving a large hole and impacting the surrounding area are great. However, natural stump grinding is more controlled and leaves only a small hole. Stump grinding also allows other plants to grow around the stump.

Easy and Convenient

Instead of a DYI project that can take many laborious hours, stump grinding can make stump removal easy and convenient. Manual removal involves nerve-wracking equipment, removal of the large pieces and a lot of hard work. A stump grinder quickly breaks down the stump into small pieces making it easily disposable. In fact, the shavings can simply decompose in your compost.

Time Efficient and Cost Effective

Removing a stump by hand takes a lot of time and hard labor. You can opt for someone to remove the stump manually, but the cost will be phenomenal. This is especially true if labor costs are by the hour. In addition, the cost of getting rid of unwanted pests due to improper removal will quickly add up. But stump grinding services gets rid of the stump the quickest way possible. The job is done rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, there are no additional unforeseen costs like pest control or damaged plants.

Safety Issues

One of the main reasons to remove a stump professionally is because it can be a safety issue removing it yourself. A stump is a potential hazard for tripping and falling. But more importantly, there are sprinkler lines, outdoor lighting wires, gas lines and other safety hazards that can pose a problem while manually digging.

However, professional stump removal services have the know-how and experience to deal with possible hazards and safety issues. In fact, a professional service will request information on all possible lines and downspouts so they can do the job safety and correctly.