Why Rotary Hoes Are Best Used for Garden Landscaping

11 October 2016

Preparing fresh soil for a landscaping or garden project is a daunting task without the proper tools. You will have a difficult time loosening the soil to an adequate depth for the plants or grass that you wish to cultivate on your property. Luckily, you can rent the services of a Dingo mini digger with a rotary hoe attachment to perform soil preparation quickly and proficiently in order to ensure that your plants or grass grow and thrive in the proper manner. If you doubt that this is the best way to proceed, read our reasons below why a rotary hoe attachment is ideal for garden landscaping prep work.

A Rotary Hoe Reaches a Sufficient Depth for Effective Cultivation

With a rotary hoe, depths of up to 150 mm are possible, and this is ideal for grass and plants to spread roots out in search of food. Shallower than this and the roots may come up out of the soil, which will cause the grass or plants to suffer damage. Deeper than this and the grass and plants will not grow to optimal size.

The Mini Digger That Powers the Hoe Helps the Rotary Hoe to Cut Through the Toughest of Soils

Since the mini digger that powers this hoe has hydraulically variable, ground speed, the hoe will till the toughest of soils. In addition, it only requires one pass over the area to obtain the ideal depth and texture for this reason. Your soil will be ready quickly for the next step of your project.

Works Well in a Limited Space

A rotary hoe attached to a Dingo mini excavator works efficiently even in a limited space. Larger machines and tillers may have difficulty going forward far enough or backing up with finesse in the same area. Homeowners appreciate the fact that the Dingo mini digger with a rotary hoe is well suited to flower beds, vegetable gardens, new estates, lawns and more since this combination is compact in size.

Ideal for Various Purposes

You can use a rotary hoe for a variety of purposes ranging from preparing soil for planting, loosening soil for removal to ready for pouring cement or just to flatten the area to improve drainage. On top of all this, add other attachments to the mini digger after the hoeing is complete to excavate the area further when necessary.

Melbourne Mini Diggers will provide a Dingo mini digger with a rotary hoe attachment for your garden landscaping purposes. We also provide a skilled operator with each rental. Consult with us today to learn addition facts.