Practical Applications and Versatility of a Dingo for Small Access Areas

12 August 2015

One of the primary advantages of a Dingo is its capability to access small and confined areas. In point of fact, the Dingo can easily fit through a standard size doorway. Combine the Dingo with its accessory tools, and you have a multi-purpose piece of equipment that has the ability to tackle large renovation jobs in hard to reach places. Whether you need holes dug for fencing in a tight corner or you desire a […]

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What Is Soil Moving and How Melbourne Mini Diggers Can Help?

29 July 2015

Whether you are building a new home or redoing your landscape, the majority of homeowners prefer to undergo the project themselves instead of paying a professional. However, when the project is started many people realize that manual digging is harder than they originally thought. And to top it off, there generally is a lot of soil to remove which involves numerous hours of back breaking work. Digging in the ground is quite relaxing and enjoyable […]

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The Versatility and Benefits of Using the Dingo Stump Grinder

16 July 2015

Trees blow down, fall down, or are taken down. And that’s the easy part. What remains is a stump. The choice is to rent a portable grinder and spend the afternoon learning how to operate and grind away at the stump. A more effective, efficient, and less stressful solution is to contact us, Melbourne Mini Diggers. We trench, excavate, dig holes, and in this instance, most importantly, we grind. Our expert staff and operators work […]

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The Significance of Mini Diggers for Light Industrial Work

01 June 2015

When it comes to industrial work of any sort, manual labour is invariably everyone’s first concern and course of action. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware before undertaking digging projects that manual labour takes a lot of time, effort, and backbreaking work – it’s becoming difficult now-a-days for contractors and property owners to find individuals who are willing to do such manually intensive work. It may not be as obvious to some at first, but manual […]

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